Five Essentials to Have in Your Car Emergency Kit

When on long journeys or when out camping, it is always important to be equipped with the right equipment in your vehicle. Below are some of the essentials that you need to be in your vehicle survival kit checklist.

First-aid Kit
You never know what might happen while you are on the road. It is essential to have a first aid kit that is fully equipped with all the necessities. Some of the things you should have in this kit include some antiseptic cream and wipes, aspirins, and Band-Aids among other stuff.

A Charged Phone
It is always important to have a cellphone with you. Moreover, it is essential that the phone you have is a charged one. After all, you cannot use a dead phone. Communication is critical, and you never know when you might need to reach out to someone urgently.

Have Some Reflective Warning Triangles
You may never know when you may need to park your car on the side of a busy highway to fix a tire or to take care of an overheated engine. That is why reflective warning triangles are needed. The best number of warning triangles you need to have should be three. They are appropriate for warning oncoming traffic. You should always make sure that any time you are using the triangles, you should place them 50 feet apart. This helps in making them more effective in what they are supposed to do. The good thing about these triangles is that they help to let other drivers know that there is a parked car on the highway and they need to slow down as they approach. read more onĀ  paracord survival bracelet with fire starter flint & knife.

Carry Some Water
You should never go anywhere without water. Sometimes you may be traveling to a remote area where water may be a problem. Carrying your own water is essential especially if you want to make sure that you remain hydrated. Moreover, water can really come in handy when you need to cool down your engine a bit. Water is a necessity that you should always have packed up in your car at all times.

Have Some Nonperishable Snacks
Finally, you need to consider having some nonperishable foodstuffs too. Remember this is your vehicle survival kit, and if you have to stay in your car for a long time, especially if it is during the winter, your body will need some food. Having some snacks to nibble on can keep you going for some time. Read more here.